Southern Hospitality


You know who we are by our big friendly smile.
Where else you got a warm handshake like a laugh?
What about that sweet honey drawl and “Welcome, ya’ll!”
Dipping them green tomatoes in the slip of batter now,
tasty dumplings in the pot and Big Mama’s hominy
and grits stirring in the pan, her biscuits steaming out
of that cookery with sausage gravy and thick slabs of butter;
now, tell me, where you think you is, now, huh?
Sit down and take a load off your feet, hon, sip some
of Mama’s sweet tea, take a dip in them blackberry preserves;
turn on that TV, Beauregard, those college football boys
ought be playing soon, don’t you think? “Yes, Mamon,
they should!” Well then get your plates and dive in,
last one in cleans the bins, you hear now? “Sure, do!”
I’ll tell you plain: it’s southern hospitality, plain and simple.

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.






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