For a Tomb of Gilles Deleuze



For a Tomb of Gilles Deleuze
– for Alain Badiou

A man thinking,
a philosopher? –
of life, perhaps…

the thin line between thought and chaos:
flesh of thought, thought of flesh, a heresy.

Amid the stones of fire, naked and sublime,
an idea arranges itself almost like a lover dancing;
a virtual movement – darkness upon darkness
touching what is most transient, a smile, laughter,
a child’s eyes so full of innocence and time;

a river so black and full of ancient allure, traversing
such madness, a line of flight so pure and full of desecration;

man is not the measure of man: the inhuman in us so alien – becoming-animal
like a tree or a rhizome, a plant, a heap – singular, unique, distinct;
sensations that last and follow us like flowers on a marble urn, forever…

We walk among these stones intensely
involved in an event which will later define us,
immanent in the thought of him who silences us now:

all stories travel so fast we are not moving, lines intersect
in an instant both in and out of times, in the flesh of action
the story incarnates what will succeed us,
make of us a challenge to those others…

What remains? – ‘New links among people.’

Folded among his thoughts he dreams for us
as we link and connect to the impossible –

…………………………….a gift of dignity and friendship…

– Steven Craig Hickman ©2015 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited.


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