Boxes & Mysteries

That we are locked up in a box
is at least as old as Immanuel Kant,
but Walter Benjamin would liken it

to being in a box watching World Theatre,
where individuals would trap the dust
and particles of our Cosmic Light Show

on a stage of capital consumption;
freeze frame the parade of life
and distribute it in musical gambits;

else measure it in teaspoons and kisses
for those rich bastards on Wall-Street;
for whom a mystery is a baseball park,

where heavenly banks lay the diamonds
on the nightly news at 6 o’clock sharp.
Now if someone asks you if you’re stuck,

all caught up inside a box of mysteries,
tell the ass holes: “Fuck you!” – 
and go on about your business.

- Steven Craig Hickman ©2014 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited. 


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